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Transparent Building Process

At Harvey Homes & Interiors we believe in transparency. Estimates and invoices from trusted tradespeople and vendors, as well as our costs, are openly shared with you. We feel that transparency puts you in a position to help control the budget every step of the way.


Quality Craftsmanship

We value quality above all else and partner only with tradespeople and vendors who share this philosophy. Our focus is quality over speed, and do not hesitate to replace work that doesn’t meet our high standards. You can rest assured that your home will last for generations to come.


Professional Tradespeople

Our people are our greatest asset. They hold themselves to the highest of standards and take great pride in their work. We value the apprenticeship process and are proud of our certified carpenters. You will enjoy seeing our tradespeople on your project and we encourage you to get to know them.


Our Approach & Team

Harvey Homes & Interiors is focused on understanding how each clients desires can be incorporated into their project and executed with precision.  Working hand in hand with the client through each facet of their project through to its completion is how we satisfy their every need.  From the procuring of highly skilled trades to design, scheduling, budgeting and overall project management, our team delivers truly customized packages for every project.


The Harvey Homes Framing division is one of the most sought after framing crews in Canada. Jeff has hand picked the most talented carpenters and crafts people in the country, who specialize in both residential and commercial framing. Our in-house crews of carpenters, are all Red Seal Designates, or are currently enrolled in the Ontario Apprenticeship Program.

These designations ensure each member of the team has received the best education and training that is offered to trades, in Canada. In addition to formal training, Jeff works personally with every new hire to train them in The Harvey Home brand’s approach to the building process, while injecting an infectious flare to projects that has become synonymous with this talented crew.

“I am proud of my team’s hands-on approach to their craft and how they consistently seek out opportunities to learn and grow within the field. It’s a team effort and at the core, Harvey Homes & Interiors grows because the people who work here are always striving to deliver a truly exceptional product that is a cut above.”

Jeff Harvey, Owner


Working with Trades

Harvey Homes & Interiors has immense respect for our trades. Capitalizing on their expertise, we work together to map out each project and anticipate how they will go about executing their scope. We are constantly on the hunt to find ways to make the transition from trade to trade, seamless. We have spent our ten years in business, working to hone relationships with the best of the best, whose enthusiasm for their craft mirrors our own. When you award Harvey Homes & Interiors with a project, you are not only working with our talented craftspeople, but trades whose work we admire and trust.


Let’s get started

Choosing Harvey Homes and Interiors for your project ensures you’ll receive not only the home of your dreams, but also, a build experience you’ll rave about for years to come.